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2018 Property Tax Rates Bylaw passed by High River Council 

At the May 28 regular meeting of High River Council, Bylaw 4534/2018 was approved in order to set the 2018 property tax rates for the town.

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Please fill out the form and return to the Town office at 309B Macleod Trail S.W. or fax to 403.652.2396 or email to [email protected]

What are property taxes?

Property taxes are local taxes.  Local officials appraise and set the value of your property, set your tax rates and collect your taxes.  Please note that many of the Town of High River’s services can be viewed and bill payments made online though eServices.

What are Property Taxes used for?

Council sets the municipal tax rates to generate the revenue needed to offset municipal service expenditures with the annual Property Tax Rate Bylaw which is developed through the annual budget approval process. The budget is typically approved in May and includes municipal services such as education, fire and police protection, streets, sewers, senior citizen transportation, parks and recreation and many other local services.

How are my taxes calculated?

The taxes are calcuated by multiplying the market value assessment of the property by the mill rate. The mill rate is set in January each year by Council.

What do I do if I do not agree with my property assessment notice?

Property assessment notices will be mailed by mid-March. If you disagree with your property assessment notice, there is a 60-day appeal period.

Visit the Market Value Assessment page for more information. To appeal your assessment visit the Assessment Review Process page.

When are my taxes due?

Tax notices for the current year will be mailed out at the end of May and are due by July 3 of the current year unless you are on the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP).

Visit the Tax Installment Payment Plan page for more information on TIPPs.

What happens if I do not pay my property taxes?

Ratepayers have until July 3 to pay property taxes. After that date a tax penalty of 1.5 per cent will be applied on the first day of each month to unpaid property taxes with an additional penalty of 1.5 per cent interest added after each additional month.

How do I apply for Education Property Tax Assistance for Seniors?

Please visit the Government of Alberta Seniors website.

What if I want my Education Tax portion to go to the Seperate School System instead of the public?

Please view the School Declaration Form. (Fill out the form and return to the Town office 309B Macleod Trail S.W.)

Change of Address

If you are moving from your current residence or moving to High River please fill out a change of address form.  Once this form is submitted the Town of High River can process a final utilities bill for the previous owner and set the new owner up with a new account.

Please remember to cancel any pre-authorized payments you may have set up for taxes and utlities as these are attached specifically to the property and will not follow your account with the Town of High River.