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Every new business needs a plan, but that can take time – and time is money. So, to help promote High River as the easy and obvious choice, we’ve compiled a few links to resources designed to speed up the planning process.

As you navigate these links and begin to build your plan, you’ll need to understand some specifics about operating your business in High River.

You will need to know your market

Check out the High River Facts & Stats section of this website to get access to all statistics you will need to make your market assumptions.

You will need to know your costs

Have a look at the ‘choose your location’ step . This will help you to understand the required permits as well as some estimated costs to incorporate into your financial plan.

Personalized Guidance

If you are looking for one on one direction and need answers to specific questions, this is the place for you. Business Link is Alberta’s entrepreneurial hub. They’re a small and mighty non-profit team with a passion helping Alberta entrepreneurs start their own businesses. Click the image to visit Business Link:

Available Programs and Additional Resources 

Need more help? Visit Community Futures Highwood; a non-profit community owned organization serving the Highwood Region since 1986 under the leadership and direction of 10 Municipal Governments and volunteer community leaders.

Community Futures Highwood (CFH) provides strategically planned community development programs, services and information in the areas of business and community economic development.

Business Plan Template

Once you have what you need, why not utilize the Business Develpment Bank of Canada’s free business plan template along with other resources they offer to help you understand how to open a business and connect you to financial resources.

Government Services

There are multiple Government Services actively providing resources and information to help Canadians get their businesses going and growing.