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The Assessment Review Board was established for the purpose of hearing complaints against assessments as have been received by the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board.  Board members are duly appointed by the Councils of municipalities, of which the Town of High River is one, participating in a joint regional assessment review board agreement.  If you would like to become a member please email [email protected]

For more information please review governing Bylaw 4468/2016

The first step is to contact the Town of High River Assessment Department.

The assessor then may inspect the property and correct the assessment if necessary.  If the assessor agrees that the original notice is not accurate, a new notice will be issued.

For more information regarding the assessment process go to the Market Value Assessment page.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of assessor review the next step in the process is to appeal the assessment to the Assessment Review Board.

The deadline to appeal your assessment will be provided with the assessment notice.

In order to submit an appeal the complainant must;

  • Complainant must first have spoken with an assessor to attempt to resolve the issue.
  • Complete the Assessment Review Complaint Form in full.
  • Be accompanied by the application fee as per the current Rate Bylaw
  • Submitted to the Assessment Review Board Clerk at;

Clerk of the Assessment Review Board 309B Macleod Trail SW High River, Alberta T1V 1Z5

You will then be advised in writing not less than 35 days before the hearing date of the date on which the Local Assessment Review Board (LARB) or the Composite Assessment Review Board (CARB) will hear your assessment appeal.

Your right to file a complaint with the Assessment Review Board against your assessment notice is an added assurance that the entire process is fair, equitable, and impartial. The Assessment Review Board is a Quasi-Judicial Board that processes complaints from taxpayers who disagree with local improvements or the assessed values of property and business.

The Assessment Review Board hears the formal complaints to maintain assessment equity throughout High River. It is an impartial board as set out in the Municipal Government Act.

Legislation governing the Assessment Review Board is contained in the revised Part 11 of the Municipal Government Act and the new Alberta Regulation AR 201/2017 – Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Regulation, which legislates some of the procedures that complainants must adhere to after a complaint has been filed. Failure to comply with the legislation and related Town bylaws may result in your complaint being invalid.  Copies of the publications are available from:

Alberta Queen’s Printer Online
602 – 620 7th Ave. S.W., Calgary, AB T2P 0Y8
Telephone: (403) 297-6251

If you disagree with the decision of the Assessment Review Board, you are entitled to appeal the decision to the Court of Queens Bench.

Assessment Review Board – Complaint Form

Assessment Review Board – Agent Authorization Form

Withdrawal of Complaint Form

Please fill out the forms and return them to the Town office at 309B Macleod Trail S.W. or fax to 403.652.2396 or email to 

Read more about Assessment Complaints and Appeals on the Alberta Municipal Affairs website

Town of High River Current Rate Bylaw sets out the Assessment Review Complaint Fees as follows;

Assessment Appeal for residential with 3 or fewer dwellings: $50.00

Assessment Appeal for residential with 4 or more dwellings: $650.00

Assessment Appeal  Non- residential: $650.00

(Note:  the fee is refundable if the appeal is successful.)

The following fees are set by ALBERTA REGULATION 310/2009

Assessment Appeal Linear Property-power generation Assessment Appeal Linear Property- other Assessment Appeal Equalized Assessment