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Bylaws & Policies

The Legislative Services Department coordinates and maintains all Town policies and bylaws and is responsible for the care and custody of the Corporate Seal.


Commonly Requested Bylaws

  • All the original bylaws have been signed.
  • All bylaws are subject to amendments. Please contact the Sr. Legislative Assistant to ensure up to date accuracy.
  • All bylaws that govern Council Committees and Boards are located at Boards & Committees
  • All Bylaws are numbered with the following format:
    • (continuous number) xxxs/yy (year bylaw adopted - prior to 2000)
    • (continuous number) xxxx/yyyy (year bylaw adopted - 2000 onwards)

Click here to view the Land Use Bylaw (LUB). For more information, please contact Planning and Development Services Department at 403.603.3470 or planning@highriver.ca.


pdf-iconCouncil Procedure - Bylaw 4294/2011
pdf-iconFOIP Designation and Fees - Bylaw 4469-2016
pdf-iconHistoric Designation of the Mccoy House - Bylaw 4248/2009
pdf-iconHistoric Designation of the McLaughlin Farm - Bylaw 4274/2010
pdf-iconMunicipal Election Bylaw 4514-2017
pdf-iconTown Logo - Bylaw 4238/2009
pdf-iconTown Manager - Bylaw 4509/2017

Residential Bylaws

pdf-iconAnimal Control - Bylaw 4483-2016
pdf-iconCemetary - Bylaw 3510/84
pdf-iconIdling Bylaw - Bylaw 4314/2011
pdf-iconLicense Structure of Mobile Units - Bylaw 3555/86
pdf-iconLoitering - Bylaw 1092/72
pdf-iconNoise - Bylaw 3348/81
pdf-iconNuisances & Unsightly Premises - Bylaw 3802/95
pdf-iconParks - Campgrounds - Bylaw 3861/96
pdf-iconSmoking - Bylaw 4057/2003
pdf-iconSnow Removal - Bylaw 3622/89
pdf-iconUrban Chickens - Bylaw 4470/2016 and Application
pdf-iconUrban Bees - Bylaw 4471/2016 and Application

Protective Services

pdf-iconBylaw Enforcement Powers and Duties - Bylaw 3959/99
pdf-iconDangerous Weapons - Bylaw 3634/89
pdf-iconEmergency Management - Bylaw 4411/2014
pdf-iconFire Protection Bylaw - 4450-2015
pdf-iconPenalties for Bylaw Infractions - Bylaw 3553/86
pdf-iconCivic Addressing Bylaw - 4366-2013

Business Bylaws

pdf-iconBusiness Licence - Bylaw 4511-2017
pdf-iconConcerts - Bylaw 3383/81
pdf-iconPushcart Vendors - Bylaw 3895/97

Traffic Bylaws

pdf-iconDangerous Goods Transportation - Bylaw 4072/2004
pdf-iconDangerous Goods Transportation Map - Bylaw 4072/2004
pdf-iconTrain Speed at Crossing - Bylaw 3470/83
pdf-iconTraffic Bylaw 4310/2011

Environmental Bylaws

pdf-iconBeverage Container Recycling Trailer Booking
pdf-iconRecycling & Composting - Bylaw 3894/97
pdf-iconSewage Disposal & Waste into Sewage System - Bylaw 3502/84
pdf-iconSewer System Management - Bylaw 3545/85
pdf-iconSewer Use - Bylaw 3596/88
pdf-iconSolid Waste Management (Garbage) - Bylaw 4211/2008
pdf-iconTree Protection - Bylaw 4477/2016
pdf-iconWater Conservation - Bylaw 4212/2008
pdf-iconWater System - Bylaw 3810/95

Financial Bylaws

pdf-iconAnnual Authorization of Supplementary Assessments for 2013 - Bylaw 4351/203
pdf-iconOffsite Levy Bylaw - Bylaw 4364/2013
pdf-iconPenalties on Taxes 4423-2014
pdf-iconProperty Tax - Bylaw 4492-2016 
pdf-iconPurchase of Public Use Lands - Bylaw 4435-2015 
pdf-iconRate Bylaw 4497-2016 and Schedule A of Rates
pdf-iconTax Certificates - Bylaw 3655/90
pdf-iconTax Penalty Imposition - Bylaw 3420/82

Borrowing Bylaws

pdf-icon498 Avenue & 5 Street Extension Borrowing - Bylaw 4261/2010
pdf-iconAnnual Borrowing for 2013 - Bylaw 4350/2013
pdf-iconBorrowing for Highway 543 & Highway 2 Overpass - Bylaw 4323/2012
pdf-iconGeorge Lane Park Gazebo Construction Lending - Bylaw 4330/2012 
pdf-iconMedical Centre Lease Hold Improvements - Bylaw 4312/2011
pdf-iconMundy Park Development Borrowing - Bylaw 4262/2010
pdf-iconPurchase of 10 Housing Units - Affordable Housing Initiative - Bylaw 4289/2010



Council's Role as a Policy Maker

The Council is the governing body of the municipal corporation and the custodian of its powers, both legislative and administrative. The Municipal Government Act provides that Councils can only exercise the powers of the municipal corporation in the proper form, either by bylaw or resolution.

The councillor's job is to work with other council members to set the overall direction of the municipality through their role as a policy maker. The policies that Council sets are the guidelines for administration to follow as it does the job of running a municipality. A councillor will spend a lot of time while on council creating new policies and programs or reviewing the current ones to make sure they are working as they should.

Communication Polices

pdf-iconCommunications Policy 
pdf-iconNotice of Meetings
pdf-iconPublic Notifications for Planning & Development Applications

Corporate Properties Polices

pdf-iconReal Property Transactions

Governance Polices

pdf-iconAppointments to Committees and Boards   MORE INFO
pdf-iconDeveloping Policies and Procedures
pdf-iconElection Signage Policy
pdf-iconElection Signage Procedure
pdf-iconFire Level of Service Policy
pdf-iconHealth and Safety Policy
pdf-iconInter-municipal Service Policy
pdf-iconPublic Art Policy
pdf-iconVolunteer Recognition
pdf-iconWorkforce Housing Principles

Engineering, Planning & Operations Policies

pdf-iconEngineering Specifications Policy
pdf-iconInterim Flood Fringe Policy
pdf-iconNaming Policy
pdf-iconSnow Removal Enforcement Policy
pdf-iconSubdivision and Development Securities Policy
pdf-iconWaiving of Development Permit Fees for Businesses

Environmental Policies

pdf-iconLow Flow Toilet Replacement Policy
pdf-iconLow Flow Toilet Replacement Procedure  
pdf-iconTree Protection Policy

Financial Policies

pdf-iconCouncil Remuneration and Reimbursement Policy  pdf-iconAdministrative Procedure
pdf-iconCouncil Corporate Support Policy
pdf-iconForgiveness of Penalities On Utility Bills for Hardship Cases
pdf-iconIndemnification of Members of Council
pdf-iconIndemnification of Municipal Employees and Officers
pdf-iconInvestment Policy
pdf-iconOverdue Accounts Policy
pdf-iconProcurement Policy
pdf-iconTangible Capital Assets Policy
pdf-iconTax Roll Changes
pdf-iconWater Utility Billing Anomalies

Emergency Services Policies

pdf-icon Sandbag Policy

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