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Bylaw & Protective Services

Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. | 403.888.0267 | bylaw@highriver.ca

Working at the grass roots of the town, officers act as the eyes and ears of the community. Peace Officers are uniformed, trained, approachable, impartial and responsive to the needs of the community. They provide a highly visible presence and tackle problems that matter to the residents and visitors of the town.

For more information on Protective Services in High River, please visit the following pages: Emergency Management, RCMP, and the High River Fire Department. Ambulance services are operated by Alberta Health Services.

Officers can help with:

  • Dogs – barking, biting, running at large, abandoned animal defecation
  • Noise or Unsightly premises
  • Environmental issues
  • Non-moving traffic violations including parking/obstruction and abandoned vehicles
  • Non removal of snow and ice from sidewalks
  • Animal Protection and enforcement of animal licensing
  • Assisting town personnel in dealing with bylaw infractions such as garbage pick-up and deployment of the speed trailer
  • Maintain records of all missing and found dogs
  • Liaise with kennels, SPCA and other animal control agencies
  • Conduct public awareness and safety programs
  • Assist with local events

Here’s what our Officers have to say:

  • Our aim is to maintain a high standard of quality of life in the Town’s residential neighborhoods, parks and open spaces by working with community residents and partner agencies.

  • Our objective is to tackle identified community issues while promoting positive behavior and respect. We ensure environmental problems and concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

  • We believe that by engaging the community more fully in addressing social problems, fosters community spirit, pride and a continued sense of belonging.

  • We deal with complaints by means of co-operative compliance where possible before enforcement and enjoy educating the community about Town Bylaws, including the rational behind them.

  • We take responsibility for solving problems through bilateral communication with all citizens to determine the needs, wants and expectations of the community.

  • Confidentiality is key to our operations and we want residents and visitors to feel comfortable contacting us anytime.

  • We practice bilateral communication with all citizens to determine the needs, wants and expectations of the community.

  • We take responsibility for solving problems.


Town Office

309B MacLeod Trail SW
High River, AB   T1V 1Z5

Phone: 403.652.2110
Fax: 403.652.2396

Bob Snodgrass
Recreation Complex

24hr Info: 403.652.4041
Inquiries: 403.652.4042 

Phone: 403.652.8620
Parent Link Centre

Phone: 403.652.8633

Economic Development

Phone: 403.652.4657
Operations Emergency Numbers
Roads: 403.601.1258
Water & Sewer: 403.652.6353


Bylaw Services
Phone: 403.888.0267
Fire Department
Phone: 403.652.3774
Phone: 403.652.2357
Emergencies: 403.652.2356
Emergency Management
Phone: 403.652.6960